Brexit Part 1–a Chat with a Leaver


We have already established that I think that Brexit is the biggest con ever perpetrated on the UK population and the likelihood of the UK trade position improving through Empire 2.0 is about as likely as my becoming pregnant. You think the opposite, and you won’t change your mind easily or at all, so let’s leave it at that.

So why do I still persist in attempting to drag the heads of the Brexiteers out of Theresa May’s ample arse to catch a real wake-up.

I could say, as does Miss World, “It’s for the children”, since it is they and their children for several generations that will bear the fruit of this act of unsurpassed lunacy. But I won’t.

I could say, as we have already discussed, that since 1945 we have enjoyed the longest period of continuous peace on the European mainland since the Pax Romana, and to have the EU, if only to stop the French and Germans fighting is a good thing, but I won’t.

I could point out the economic schizophrenia of thinking that a rag-bag of one-off WTO trade deals with countries run by psychopaths, human right violators, war criminals and bankrupts that will take seven years to negotiate will immediately replace access to a single market of some 600Million customers a mere 22 miles away. Oh, and by the way, improve the UK trade position. But what about the Commonwealth you cry. Australia is already cosying up to Ireland, I reply. But I won’t ask why it is only the former White Commonwealth you mention.

I could point out that it will probably lead to a fundamental change in the organisation of the United Kingdom into a Former United Kingdom of England and Wales, with Scotland and Northern Ireland going their separate ways. But I won’t.

I could say that the argument that the EU commission has too big a say in local matters is a good one. I don’t deny that the EU has need a 10,000Km service for a while and some of it’s more treasured sacred cows turned into hamburger. But try to explain to a UK steel worker, if there any left, that the employment legislation, health and safety at work legislation and subsidies courtesy of the EU kept him in a job. A job which he was unlikely to lose by being killed at work because of unsafe working practices, reduced to scratching for pennies because his employer chose to pay him a slave wage, or have his foundry closed as “uneconomic” because some suit in the City said so. The only good thing about Brexit is that the City suit will find his job moving to Frankfurt. Without him, because he no longer has right of abode and employment in the EU.   I couldn’t possibly comment.

I could say, as my father did, and as you do now, that the NHS is inefficient and poorly run. That is probably at least partly true. The difference between what Dad said and the Brexiteers say is based on his youth in the 1920s and 1930s and his experience as a medic before the NHS came into being. His view was that the best thing any UK government ever did was to create the NHS so that the whole population, not just those who could afford it, had access to medical care. He spent his entire working life as a medical practitioner in the NHS. And later said that despite Thatcher and Joseph’s best efforts they failed to kill it.

Brexit means that many thousands of qualified medical staff from the EU are now leaving the NHS, and will continue to leave it. I wonder how leavers will feel when their essential medical treatment is delayed because there are no staff to provide it. Or as is mooted, they will have to pay a US Health Corporation through the nose for it. And their drugs will not be free any more. I’m not going to mention it.

There is more, but I’m not going to mention it.

Tomorrow, or the day after – another view of the calamity that is Brexit.

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