Recruitment Again

In the past, I likened the run-of-the-mill recruitment agent to a well-meaning amateur. I don’t wish to lump the few who have been proactive and responsive with these electron thieves, but I’ve been at this application thang again for a few weeks now and a few recurring nightmares are starting to really burn my boat.

1. I have banged on incessantly about no response to application submissions and its evil cousin “If you don’t hear….”.

A massive cop-out and fail in my book. I usually spend some time crafting a covering letter to highlight the relevance of my skills and experience for the post, and often tailoring the cv to be submitted. To hear nothing after submission is rude and disrespectful.

On that matter “If you haven’t heard……” is the height of laziness and casual disregard for applicants.

Oh, one recruiter said that responses are not possible because of the high numbers of respondants. My answer, if there are a huge number of respondants the advert is not specific enough on the role and its requirements. You should take as much time crafting the advert as I do crafting my response, not just cut’n’paste from one you think might be similar.

2. CVs and Duplication of effort. I have refused to deal with some recruiters because of this. Placement Partner is a pet hate of mine.

Virtually all recruiter’s websites ask me to upload my cv as part of the registration process. And some then ask me to re-enter all the data I have just uploaded. Placement Partner – are you listening ?

My coffee cup usually hits the wall and I utter a blistering oath at this point. If I subsequently find that “Refer to uploaded cv” is not an acceptable entry, a second piece of hand-thrown pottery takes to the air. I have been working for 40 years, so if a full submission is required, I need to be locked into the office and pizza shoved under the door until I finish.

What relevance do my O and A level results from the 1960s have? What is the relevance of a job have that I started and finished in 1975?

I would have thought, given the rapid pace of social and technology change over the last few years that job type, industry and social awareness and particularly training and education would be of much more interest. That I have Bitcoin and DLT awareness is going to be of far greater relevance to potential employers than my being able to programme in RPG2 on a DEC PDP/11.

3. Screening Calls. Another peeve is agency people, usually still wet behind the ears calling me to “Discuss my CV”. Not to discuss the post, or the potential client/employer’s requirements, but to ask about an apparent two month gap in late 1999 between my completing a contract and starting a new one. “Millenium celebrations in Scotland my dear”.

4. Ageism. I have always found it passing strange that someone at the age of 64 years and 365 days is a well respected member of the working community, valued for skills and retained knowledge. However, overnight on the day they turn 65, a malevolent troll erases all their worth. Skills vanish, as does retained memory, leaving the poor individual fit only for activities that require no brain power, like golf and fishing. “Out to pasture dear boy, and here’s a gold watch for your trouble”.

A pox on recruitment agencies, except of course those that find me a job.

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