Brexit–The Final Frontier

My small contribution to the millions of trees and electrons that will be sacrificed on the altar of Brexit.

English Independence and EU membership. 

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain. As did Northern Ireland. England voted to leave. Wales were a bit of both.  There is a prospect of a second Scottish Independence referendum in the near future as a result.  One which is much more likely to succeed. The problem then is continuing Scottish membership of the EU, something that the Scots voted for. 

Why not have the easy answer proposed by Alex Salmond – England leaves the UK and becomes an Independent Country.  The UK is then Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, continuing members of the EU.   England are afloat in their own boat, perhaps towing Wales, perhaps not.

Great benefits to the Scottish economy as companies trading with the EU move to Scotland to remain based in an EU member state.

This will also resolve the issue of the Northern Ireland/Ireland border. As it stands, if Northern Ireland leave the EU, they will need to rebuild the former border between the six counties and Eire. There is considerable evidence that the free flow of people between the two countries has contributed greatly to increased understanding and co-operation between the two, and reinstating the border will undo thirty years of progress, and demolish the peace treaty that currently exists.

Do we really want to see a return to the Belfast of the 1970s and 80s, with sectarian violence the norm and squaddies patrolling the streets. Never mind the economics, that is the reality.

A simplistic solution perhaps, but one well worth examining since it gives everyone what they want.

Brexit is, as often happens, an implementation of an ideal without thinking through the consequences.

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