Sanctimony, Rectitude and Social Media

I’ll lay my cards on the table from the outset.   I am certainly a lapsed agnostic, and more likely an atheist.  

If I were to follow a deity, it would probably be Odin and his merry crew.  Far better to spend the afterlife carousing, feasting and having a jolly good time with a shield maiden in the halls of Valhalla than sitting on a cloud plucking a harp.   However, having said that, the ability to take the leap of faith to adopt a deity as your role model is one I can’t do, but I admire in a sort of a way those that can. 

It’s difficult for me to take as literal historical record a book cobbled together out of stories written some hundreds of years after the events they portray, and carefully edited to leave out the contentious bits that would prevent uniting all of the various Christian factions into a single party under the Bishop of Rome.  Never mind that the stories were written in different often archaic languages and passed through several translations before being translated into English in the 17th Century as an Authorised Version with one eye to meeting the political demands of the day. 

I’ve noticed recently an upsurge in the amount of wee homilies of the God bothering type appearing on social media, particularly Facebook, and increasingly so on LinkedIn.  I have no particular axe to grind with religion, you can be anything from an Animist to a Zoroastrian via Methylated  Spiritualism as far as I am concerned,  whatever blows your hair back.  

What does burn my boat is the type of happy-clappie who has a, I don’t want to call it Fascist,   but let’s say fundamentalist approach to the beliefs of others.  Basically, if you don’t share their enthusiasm you are somehow broken and need to be fixed.   If you refuse to be fixed, you are then consigned to an inner circle of hell and treated like the sort of stuff you find on your shoe after a rural idyll in a cow pasture. 

I do not like or care for this sanctimonious in yer face approach to religion.  Stop pestering me.

This week I complained to several religious posters politely advising them that LinkedIn is a business forum inhabited by an extremely diverse range of opinions on all matters, including religion, and concluding by pointing out that religious posts may well offend some, are not appropriate to a business forum and would they mind just butting out and sticking to the spirit and ethos of the forum.   The type of response I received indicated that they felt they had a divine right to post this stuff, and then cursed me unto the fourth generation, and suggested that the only sort of wings I would be getting in the afterlife would be well crispy and burned.   Just a tad over the top I felt.

Do they feel threatened, perhaps.  Religion hasn’t been getting a good press recently.  Mind you, intolerance of other belief systems has always been a cornerstone of most faiths.

All I want is for them to butt out and do their own thing in their own place and stop shoving their sanctimonious moral rectitude in my face.

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