The ANC–Arrogant and Cloth-eared?

Does the ANC Government actually listen to anyone other than themselves? Does it actually care about what people think? It would appear not.

Firstly e-tolling. 

Cyril Ramaphosa this week threw a sop to the opponents of e-tolling.  It is here to stay, but have part of your debt written-off, let’s simplify and reduce the the tolling tariff and payment cap, but beware, you can’t renew your car tax if you have outstanding e-toll debt. All met with a hollow laugh and a renewed commitment to have e-tolling scrapped.

Points to note, e-tags are now superfluous.  The tariffs for tagged and non-tagged users are the same.  So why have SANRAL able to access your bank account and personal details – deregister now and throw away the tag.   Second, it has been argued that linking e-toll bills and renewal of car tax is unlawful.  It is inevitable that court cases will follow.  Stop paying.

I would have thought that one million Gauteng motorists totally ignoring e-tolling would send a message.  Apparently not.

Second, Eskom.  Eskom is bankrupt, both in financial terms and management capability. 

The current proposal to sort out their financial mess is to loot Pension Funds, both Government and Personal. That’s all.  Gimme the money.

No programme to deal with the manifest deficiencies in management and operational structures in Eskom.  No programme to deal with the management and operational issues following on from the disastrous Medupi and Kusile power station build projects.   No mention of private power generation, alternative short term generation solutions, the breaking up of Eskom into smaller, more focussed manageable entities.

Are they listening? Apparently not, because the answer to all our power problems is to build at least 6 Russian nuclear power stations at a cost of somewhere between 400Billion and 1Trillion Rand.  The first is to come online in 2023 at Thyspunt in the Eastern Cape.

We now know what No. 1 was discussing in his private tete-a-tete meetings with Putin.

I look forward to our 30% matric pass pupils, without either maths or science in the mix building and operating them.    As an example, consider Dhuva.  The Unit was down for two years because of “operator error”.  A simple generator load test in Unit 4 resulted in a major explosion with multi-ton parts of the generator flying around in the generator hall like enormous lumps of shrapnel.   An operator went on tea break and was not present to press a button to terminate the test when the rotational speed of the generator exceeded spec.  If I lived in Thyspunt, I’d either plan to move far away or start building my personal fall-out shelter.

Tina Joemat-Petterson in charge makes me even less optomistic.

Listening, I don’t think so.

One optimistic thought.   perhaps Zuma is like Nero, fiddling while the ANC empire is crumbling around him.

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