The Man with the Scythe

Thinking about our own mortality is something we don’t do very often.

In our teens and twenties we think we are immortal, and as we pass on through life our only brush with the grim reaper is the infrequent passing of relatives and friends.  

Perhaps it is a subject we don’t feel comfortable with, perhaps it revives memories and feelings we would prefer remain closed away in that box at the back of our minds.

However, once in a while the man with the scythe forces his way into your life in a sudden, unseemly and brutal fashion.

When you receive a company e-mail starting with “We regret to announce the passing………………….”, and the subject of the e-mail is a colleague whom you knew well, considered a friend, and planned to meet later that day, it can be an actual physical shock.  

It is profoundly unsettling.  You realise that one day there will be a similar e-mail bearing your name. 

Cheers Mike and thanks for all the rugby chat.  Just a damn shame that we never managed to go to Kings Park together.

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