Mango – A Good Reason to Avoid Them

Beware, if you use a personal credit card to buy an online ticket from Mango and cannot produce it when you either collect your boarding pass from the check-in desk or at the boarding gate if you have a home or self-service machine printed boarding pass. You will be denied boarding with no refund.

I normally use the self-service machines to collect my boarding pass, but for some reason it was not possible this Monday and I needed to go to the Quick Bag Drop-Off counter to collect my boarding pass. Quick, my sainted buttocks. It took thirty minutes as the quick service counter was used as a normal check-in desk. Bit like the callous disregard for the 10 items or less requirement in supermarkets.

The boarding pass collection process involved checking my ID.  Fair enough – no problem. However, another rant will question the need to do this several times during the boarding process.  I also needed to provide the credit card which I used to pay for the ticket. It appears that if I cannot produce the card, I will be denied boarding – no refund. So if, my credit card is lost, mislaid or stolen and I cannot have it replaced by the time I fly, Mango add insult to injury by refusing to let me travel – no refund. Suppose I urgently need to buy a ticket to have a member of my family travel home following a family emergency. They will not able to fly because they will not have my credit card.

The answer is apparently to have a certified copy of my ID and certified images of my credit card back and front on my person, obviously not in my wallet. Any members of my family who may need to fly at short notice should also have these documents, supplemented by a notarised letter stating that they have the right to use the credit card.

My credit card company routinely phone me for authorisation if a charge is made against my card for a flight booking not bearing my name.

As a result, a simple assessment of the relative risks of someone fraudulently using my credit card to book a flight, and having that wad of documentation available to any pocket-picker or bag snatcher implies that you should never fly Mango.  

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